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September 13, 2013

Legally Bound

May 12, 2013

Love my Mama


Eye See You

I love makeup!!

I remember around the age of 9 my mother sold Mary Kay and all her makeup, and nail polish products would set in the corner of the basement. So I figured since she wasn’t using it, that I could explore each item {smile}

Well, lets just say when she found out, she was very, very, angry. Now I don’t think she was upset with her 9 year old daughter wearing makeup, she was upset because I just wasted her expensive products by playing in it!

Needless to say in a year or two later, those Mary Kay products stayed in that same corner in the basement and my mother never sold much product. She would only allow my exploration skills to take place at Halloween or some talent show I was in.

Below I thought I would highlight some of the most hottest makeup trends and makeup “how to’s” for your own special day/occasion…. ENJOY













Here are two of my favorite Youtube videos – I love the details on the products and tools used!

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One Year Later…

Hello everyone…

In my Tony, Toni, Tone voice … **Its Your Anniversary**

I remember the day we had our initial meeting to the day we discussed the contract and Stephen says “Listen, V you don’t have time to plan this, I know you are creative but you need to hire a professional, and I say lets go with Shaunda” – when you hear a groom speak, it really makes me smile. Many grooms don’t take part of the wedding planning, but one thing is for sure they don’t want to have a stressed out bride and my bride was far from being stressed even on her wedding day she was clam and ready to say I Do.

That is my goal with every one of my clients … let me have your stress!

Although this wedding was last year the colors are so prevalent in 2014 and

I want to share with you from the engagement to their wedding day. So please enjoy {smile}

Happy Anniversary to one cool, sweet and loving couple!

Thank you Stephen Sapp Photography

Thank you Old Salem

Thank you Gail at Bennett’s Baskets and Bows

Thank you Cake and All Things Yummy

and of course to all the other vendors (wedding professionals) involved to make this day come to LIFE …. E’MAGINE thanks you dearly!!

VERNETTA save_the_date_1 Slide1 Slide2 Slide3




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***Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Williams***


Met Gala 2014

I love, love, love fashion especially when its done in a artistic form.

My alter ego is a fashion designer {smile}

So last night was the Met Gala – and I covered this last year but I will break it down to you again: The Costume Institute Gala, known as the Met Ball or Met Gala, is an annual ball that celebrates the annual opening of the Metropolitan Museum’s fashion exhibit at the Costume Institute.

The fashion at this gala, just inspires me sooooo much, I mean the color blocking, the metallic’s, the full figured woman etc. I see brides, grooms, bridesmaid, the mother of the bride/groom, or I see a rehearsal dinner design. I even see some of the fabrics used to help design the overall wedding itself like the patterns, and various hues ….. Im in awwwwwwwwww right now of all this fashion, just kinda wish I was there to watch it all unfold, heck even walk the red carpet myself!

Please note all the sources for each photo could be found in my on my Pinterest Board ~ Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy {smile}

So here is what the red carpet displayed:

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!

It has been a long time and Im well overdue for a post!

I must say that one day soon I will share my story of what has been going on and where Ive been and what have I been doing!

But today its Cinco de Mayo!!!! This is a day of celebration of the Mexican heritage and pride and I wanted to share inspiration via through the eyes of a bride and groom. There is one thing I have always stated and that is –  it does not matter where you live or where you come from or the color of your skin, at the end of the day we all share one common denominator {L O V E}  

So please enjoy this inspirational piece! Have a beautiful Monday!!!!




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Happy Valentines Day


Yes the snow is starting to melt away here in North Carolina {BIG SMILE}… but the ice still can be deceiving.

I hope everyone is staying warm and being safe. I also hope that you all have planned something special for your love ones – I have an idea: how about spending time with one another it may seem small now but its definitely a memory that will stay for years to come!

So while Im working from home – I am having a craft day {smile} making hearts from glitter paper. This craft takes me back to Kindergarten with Mrs. Ugolini at Alcott Elementary in Pontiac MI. I used to think she was the tallest teacher ever especially when I was the tallest girl in my class (Im still wondering where is that height – I mean we started off on a good track but somewhere along the way it just stopped lol)  But who knew that those crafts skills would be used today! Great memories {smile}

I have also pulled the name for my first giveaway and I thought I would share my process of me picking the name via by pictures {smile}

I hope to do more giveaways in the future for this one was really fun! So be on the look out for the next one!

As always LOVE2LOVE and enjoy your Valentine’s Day even if you are single you should also be enjoying this day for you have to love yourself first {wink}







Snow day…

Hello everyone!!!

Well today I wanted to post about the current conditions that we are experiencing here in North Carolina.

I know that Im from Michigan but days like this come far and few so I thought I would take advantage of the situation.

Yes – we received 5 inches of snow in Winston-Salem and Greensboro received 7 inches all just from last night alone and to think more is on the way!

Im working from the home office but I took a break and put on my Michigan gear just so that I could say that I at least got my feet wet {smile}

My only advice for everyone is that since there a lot of people who don’t know how to drive in this kinda stuff – STAY HOME – unless its urgent that you have to leave. There are no more eggs, bread, and milk at the grocery stores {smile}

But if you have children take them out and play – they wont forget this kinda experience, because I will tell you that little girl from Michigan came out today! I wanted to make an angel so bad but had no one to take my picture {smile}

Side Note: what a perfect day to cuddle with your sweetheart the eve before Valentine’s day….  {wink}





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At the tender age of 9 years old – I can remember being in my bedroom trying to figure out how I was going to be a singer, a dancer, and an actress.

I would write it down, practice in my long dresser mirror that sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. I would learn every Whitney Houston song that came on the radio. But I had a love for Performing Arts and I wanted to follow that passion.

Then as time moved I wanted to own my own business. I would literally draw out my restaurant/store; I believe it had a name as well. I wrote down how many employees I would need; how many customers I would need to make money. I would draw the food and the items that I would sale, wrote down how much each would cost and what I would need to profit after the bills were paid. What’s really funny is that I still have those drawings today {smile}

As I gotten older I was strongly advised to put my dreams of Theatre to the side and focus on being able to survive in the real world by learning all that I could about computers.

Well I did just that and realized I was not happy, although I miss the IT world you have to know that I was not happy making it my life career move.

So along this journey called life – my dream got lost. This quote hit home for me and I have to agree with this quote because I did find a better one.

I may not be that actress but I’m behind the scenes volunteering with the National Black Theatre Festival since 2003 and I volunteer with the Winston Salem Twin City Stage Theatre since 2002.

I sing with my poetry and if the right song comes on I will get out there and dance like nobody is watching.

I may not own a restaurant but I do own my own business and I’m determined to do what I love by taking my clients beyond the experience of their wedding/event.

I said all that to say this – DON’T STOP DREAMING and then after that DREAM comes true, DREAM ANOTHER DREAM. That’s what I’m doing now, dreaming of another dream and I can’t wait to see it come to full manifestation.

my own quote


My First Giveaway ….

Today is February 1, 2014 and for the next 13 days we are gonna talk about the 4 greatest letters of all time L O V E

But first I want to offer something special to one person and that could be YOU!


I’ve created the Ultimate Fabulosity Beauty  giveaway, which will include:

  • Kenneth Cole hand bag, some arm candy {wink}

Some wonderful smell goods:

  • Vera Wang – Be Jeweled perfume
  • Marc Jacobs – Honey perfume
  • Sweet Pea Bath & Body Works set (shower gel, body cream, & lotion)

And to top the beauty of it all we must take care of the nails and the lips:

  • Physicians Formula Rx for Glamour – Endless color nail trio and since I couldn’t settle on one set I’ve included 3 different sets total from my favorite beauty store ULTA
  • MAC Cosmetics lipglass – Viva Glam VI and Viva Glam Rihanna


All this for the value of $200.00 totally yours but you have to do this:

1) Like my Facebook business page E’MAGINE

2) Share the picture (the one that is on my Facebook page) of these wonderful giveaway goodies to your personal or business page.

3) Subscribe to my blog with a legitimate email address. This email address will be submitted in a drawing that will take place on Valentine’s Day 2/14/14 and the winner will be sent the entire Ultimate Fabulosity Beauty  giveaway via USPS. I will then contact you via email and obtain all the information needed to make sure you have your wonderful goodies in hand!

Please NOTE: Men you are welcome to participate, as well! This could be a gift for your significant other, mother, aunt or mentor and if your name is selected as the winner having this to give to them after Valentine’s Day is truly a way of saying just because

I look forward to all of the entries and may the best man or woman win!




My Throwback Thursday…

Today is what we call Throwback Thursday ….

I remember getting ready for this segment on WXII12, and they wanted me to talk about love and how it could work in this industry. I thought about how one could come up with a DIY moment to propose to his soul mate. Typically a lot of engagements take place over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.  So November through February is high months for getting that ring!

I thought it would be a nice way to show the guy how to set up the table for the proposal. I mean with linens, flowers, and something sweet and even used the cake to store the engagement ring. Ok I give… let me share this funny moment – I had 4 flameless candles to be placed in the lovely floral display that Bennett’s Basket and Bows provided for me for this segment, but while setting up the table that morning, somehow one of the four candles was still sitting on the kitchen table and that was 20 minutes away from home and I was going on air in 7 minutes O___O yeah that is how my face looked when I realized what I had did. As a planner we think quick on our feet and come up with a plan B, and I didn’t want to leave the glass empty, so I found the next best thing in my emergency bag, I just wish I had a knife to cut it down lol … it was soooooo taller than the other three candles.  I was upset with myself then but today I can just laugh about it. Just so you know I own up to my own mistakes, there is no one perfect {smile}

I love the idea of coming up with a coupon booklet. Fellas this is a great idea even if you are not planning a proposal. If you have wife and you have children, to have a coupon book from you and for her to use at her own leisure, man…. I could hear my friends now saying – if I could only have a day for me, or a break for just US. You have to come up with creative ways to keep the fire going {smile}

Well here are a few pics of my own throwback and also a video to share my ideas of “Valentine” and a possible proposal.


image image image image image image image image



Preview to {LOVE}



Its Wednesday and I know I should be speaking on some kind of wedding advice but today I feel like speaking about what’s to come … February 14th that is …

There are a lot of men who feel like Valentine’s Day is over rated (even some women) or feel that it should be celebrated on a daily level.

But ladies (even some men) please admit – when he (or she) does something really special and it’s on the 14th day of February – there is a sparkle that glows all over you … humph … I know I would be smiling may even be cheesing (lol)

Valentine’s is on the way and whether you are single or have a significant other LOVE2LOVE:

  • Share love to a child inside a foster home
  • Share love to a teenager living inside a group home
  • Pay it forward the next time you’re in a drive thru, i.e. Starbucks {smile}
  • Matter of fact put on a performance for the elderly inside a residence community

However you celebrate February 14th consider sharing love outside your norm. This day comes every year and will continue to come for the rest of our lives, so do something different.



The Aisle…. the walk down ….

Hey you guys!!!!

Well there is something shifting in the wedding industry when it comes to ceremony’s and it could have already been discussed but I’m catching hold of it after watching the wonderful wedding that my idol Mindy Weiss and her wonderful team of wedding professionals put together for the one standing with the last rose from “The Bachelor” and I’m just loving the way it’s being done.

Back in the day to give the bride away it would be the father of the bride, and if he wasn’t living some male figure in the bride’s life, whether it’s her brother or uncle or god-father. Then there was a shift in the way this was done, we started seeing mothers being a part of ceremony and walking down the aisle.  This is why a lot of mothers moved to having a smaller bouquet verses the old school corsage. Then another shift came where there was both parents giving the bride away as well. But as we all know, weddings change on the same level as technology changes – DAILY.

I always said that when I get married I would want my mother to give me away although my father is still living. Yes my father was there before the split/divorce, but I spent my entire teenage and adult life under the wings of my mother. But then the family would be angry with me and folks would say they weren’t coming and I could foresee a lot of family drama on something that is supposed to be a joyous occasion. But after watching Sean and Catherine’s wedding – I saw something that I’ve observed before but really didn’t hit me until Sunday night.

I love the fact that her parents met her half way down the aisle! I love how it gave her a chance to walk solo then meet her parents and walk the rest of the way to be greeted by her groom.

If I wanted to use this as a metaphor, I would use my own life. My father was there with me from day one until my parents split, So to make sure I was able to include the both of them in my new life journey and no one to feel “left out” – I would say to them let me start this walk alone and as I make my way down – I would love for the BOTH of you to join me on my new journey!

Simply love it!

I thought I would share the photos I snapped as I was watching the show (smile) so don’t laugh at my photographic skills … I was using my iPad to make this happen. Lol














And I had to share a pic of the lady responsible for putting together such a grand event Mindy Weiss… Check out her work via her web page – she is every planners idol in this industry. Thanx also to ABC for sharing her work on national television!


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did in writing it!